Music at Annunciation

Our MusicThom Tenny, Organist

Our organist, Thom Tenny accompanies the Gallery Choir and soloists when they provide an anthem or chorale as special music.   Along with this, Thom is responsible for leading the congregation in any part of the Liturgy that requires music (ie:  the Gradual, Psalm, or chanting through the Eucharistic Prayer).

The Gallery Choir

1 Chron. 25:7  tells us that God separated 288 persons who were “instructed in the songs of the Lord, even all that were cunning”,  for music ministry.  The choir, then, is the smaller company within a congregation whose abilities and interest in music make it possible for them to render a special musical service.  They, in turn, accompany, lead, and instruct the congregation in the songs of the Lord.  The choir also provides a special contribution by presenting motets, anthems, or other special music.


  1. Be able to hold a tune.
  2. Be able to count to four.
  3. Be able to match tones sung or played by others.
  4. Be able to follow instructions.
  5. Above all, have a love for music and a desire to learn and improve what may be minimal knowledge and skill at the start.


  1. Fellowship
  2. Friendship
  3. You partake in leading the congregation musically in public worship
  4. You sing to the glory of God.
  5. The end of the year Choir party!

The Gallery Choir meets for rehearsal every Wednesday night at 6:00 p.m. from the months of September through May.  The choir director, Francesca Veglia, can be reached at 941-320-1030 for any questions.

The Episcopal Church on Anna Maria Island