When is the next Cursillo weekend in our Diocese?

A Spanish-speaking Cursillo weekend is scheduled for May 15 – 17, 2015 at Day Spring.

The next English-speaking Cursillo weekend is scheduled for Oct 8 – 11, 2015.  Applications should be turned in by the first week of September.

What is Cursillo (pronounced Cur-See-yo)?

  • It is a short course in Christian living.
  • It is an opportunity for you to grow in faith and spirituality.
  • It provides an opportunity for you to gain a deeper understanding of the teachings of Jesus and how we can serve Him.
  • It is an experience of living in a loving and caring Christian community.
  • It provides a community that gives support and encouragement, empowering renewed Christians to persevere in carrying out their Baptismal vows.
  • It is an experience full of surprises that you will never forget.

Who can attend a Cursillo weekend?

  •  Cursillo is open to all adult Episcopalians who attend a church where a member of the clergy staff has gone to Cursillo.

Our clergy staff who have attended Cursillo are:

  1. Rev Dee
  2. Bishop Michael Garrison and his wife, Carol
  3. Deacons Irv and Joyce Maranville
  4. Deacon Bruce Gillies

Where is Cursillo held?

Day Spring Conference Center in Ellenton.

Who is available to sponsor me to attend a Cursillo weekend.

  1. Michael or Carol Garrison
  2. Dee deMontmollin
  3. Irv or Joyce Maranville
  4. Bruce Gillies
  5. Dean or Karen Jones
  6. Karen Bigger
  7. Jeanne Akers
  8. Fran Miller
  9. Susan Thomas
  10. Charles or Grace Makovec
  11. Ed or Ginny Upshaw
  12. Mary Saunders
  13. Addie Sanders
  14. John Goodhue
  15. Jackie Meaker
  16. Ann Lewis
  17. Ann Fletcher
  18. Linda George

What happens after Cursillo?

  • You are encouraged to look for opportunities to follow the great commission of Christ:
    • Make disciples of all people.
    • Minister God’s redemptive gifts of love and grace.
  • Attend a group reunion, 4th Day Gathering
  • Attend an Ultreya (usually meets monthly, dates, time, and places will be posted on our website)
  • Volunteer to be a sponsor for someone attending a Cursillo weekend
  • Volunteer to work on a Cursillo team (see Karen Jones for an application form)
  • Visit our Annunciation Cursillistas website to stay up to date with Cursillo events