About Fr Matthew


Father Matthew Grunfeld is our new Rector.  Bishop Dabney Smith will install him into this position on December 3, 2017.  He began his service here  on December 1, 2015.

He is from Columbus, Georgia.  His mother is Episcopalian and his father is Jewish.  He was baptized in the Episcopal Church, and grew up attending church with his maternal grandparents.  He is single.

Fr Matthew attended Emory University where he majored in Political Science and Sociology.  Through college, he was part of the Discerning Young Vocations Experience (DYVE) and was recommended for postulancy at the conclusion of the process.  He enrolled at the General Theological Seminary where he earned his Master of Divinity degree in 2008.

He has served on the Diocesan Council, the Diocesan Department of Liturgy and Music, and was an alternate clergy deputy to the national church convention this past June.  He was coordinator of the Diocesan Acolyte Festival.

Fr Matthew said, “I believe it is my ministry as Priest to encourage the people I serve in their own ministries begun in the waters of baptism.”





The Episcopal Church on Anna Maria Island