Daughters of the King

Annunciation has a small chapter of the Daughters of the King, a service order of Episcopal women.  There are about 6 members who meet monthly, usually on the second Thursday morning following  the Eucharist.  They will provide punch and cookies following funeral services for members of our Parish.  They also provide a Prayer Chain.  This chain consists of a number of prayer-dedicated people who pray daily (and sometimes more) for names given them by friends and family. These prayers are kept up for ten days. All one has to do to add a name to the prayer list is to call one of these persons or the church office.
Carol Broden – 794-0797 | Caroline Powers – 729-3798 | Jeanne Akers – 792-4533

This Chain is not to be confused with our regular prayer list at church. Our chain is mainly for immediate intervention. God’s Peace and our Loving Prayers.


Funeral Receptions

The DOK will provide complimentary punch and cookies following a funeral.  If the family would like a more extensive food presentation such as: sandwiches, tea sandwiches, dessert, spiral ham, fruit display, etc., we have a committee of people that will cater the reception at a very reasonable price.  The cost will be quoted in advance and is equivalent to the cost of grocery store trays, with much higher quality and presentation.  Any profit from this catering will go the ECW for their charitable works.  It is always hard to estimate how much food is needed for a funeral.  If there is food left over, the family can take the food with them or we will donate it to Our Daily Bread.

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