Community Outreach

Where will our Outreach Money go in 2013?  We need your input

Every member of the Church of the Annunciation is invited to have input into the process of identifying recipients of the $10,000 the church has budgeted for outreach.

Please write a letter to the Outreach Committee naming the charity you would like considered, describing the needs and function of the charity, including how the charity is administrated. A brochure from them, and any other descriptive material, would also be helpful.

An Outreach Committee has been formed to review all the suggestions for outreach that the parish submits.    Your requests can be given to any member of the committee, Rev. Dee, Deacons Joyce or Irvin Maranville, or handed into the Church office

The Committee will make recommendations to the Vestry, who makes the final decision about where this money goes.  The people on this Committee are:

Jeanne Akers         Vivian Ragsdale        Ginny Upshaw        Alex Richardson        Sue Wait        Joyce Maranville        Irvin Maranville

These requests must be received before September 18. This process will allow the financial support given by the Church of the Annunciation to be truly directed by the whole congregation.

It doesn’t  take an extraordinary person to make a difference to others. It takes the ordinary person’s willingness to extend God’s loving arms that can bring joy, comfort, and hope that make a difference in another’s life.

Military Ministry

We are collecting items to send to those serving overseas in the Military. There is a box in Lowe Hall and hope that you will help us fill them with items for the servicemen.  These items will be forwarded to MOTS-Manatee Operation Troop Support.

Click for list of items that are needed!

Be a Christmas Angel

About Thanksgiving each year we receive names and ages of children from rural poor families in Arcadia that have requested help providing a Christmas presents for their children.  For the last several years we have provided gifts for over 40 children and a gift card for the family.  When the list is posted, please take a card, write your name on the list and bring your unwrapped gift or gift card by the return date.  The gifts will be delivered to Arcadia.